Under the leadership of highly professional and expert people who have the experience and skills in the fields of Engineering, Management, Customer Services, Sales and Purchase etc. MAK associates is making progress by leaps and bounds. Our expansion and progress is directly related to the professionalism of the leadership.

Message by the CEO

Pakistan is an emerging economy of South Asia, where the people are keen to gain higher living Facilities and prosperity with each passing day. During this time, when the world challenges are Rising quickly, we should step ahead to elevate the standards of town development, construction and facilities to change the living experience of people living in the region.

I believe that Allah has given us the opportunity to serve others, and if we fulfill this responsibility with full devotion, commitment and honesty it is repaid in an increased manner. Nowadays, the real estate sector should step ahead to share their expertise, Strengths, skills and experience to uplift the living standards of the society.

People spending their lives in a decent and healthy manner benefit the community in an exceedingly higher way.I represent MAK Associates as the symbol of change to the society, we aim to provide new and reliable solution for our people concerning their housing desires.

We are committed to provide most effective and reliable residential, industrial and social living facilities through our development and construction services. We make sure that our clients enjoy the most luxurious living experience of their life in a very secure and comfortable atmosphere.

This has been the core philosophy behind the establishment of the MAK Associates, which aims at evolving innovative and action primarily based solutions to provide our clients with best Accommodation in their dream location. On behalf of MAK Associates, I assure you to offer the most effective deals of construction and development in Pakistan guaranteeing the economical price to our worthy clients. We also offer the best investment opportunities for our investors With the highest rate of pro􀃶ts in minimum possible time.

The Team

Our team of experts (ranging from a laborers to top class field professionals) works with devotion to reshape barren Acres into wonderlands. We believe in providing top quality professional service and support to a wide range of residential real estate owners and investors. We are not just constructing housing societies, homes and buildings; we are bringing in the innovative ideas to provide our clients with a luxurious yet economical lifestyle. Our long bearing experience enables our foresight to visualize the futuristic needs of our clients by keeping in view the technological advancements and modern techniques in the field of structural engineering. No matter what the size of our project is, we at MAK Associates give equal priority to each project whether it’s a single house, a multi-story plaza, a public building or a residential society covering scores of hundreds of acres.