Town Planning

In the technological era when urbanization is at its peak, there is a immense need of planning new towns and upgrading villages into towns and towns into cities. We have not only addressed the need but also have worked in changing people’s lifestyle and making sure that they get all the basic needs of a modern society. There are hundreds of places where people are deprived of their basic needs such as water, electricity and other utilities so we provide the modern facilities in such areas and make sure that people are living their lives up to the best standard.


The architect and design of any building is no doubt of great importance but the main thing is material which is used for a building. In the span of last ten years we have constructed hundreds of homes, shops, roads and lots of other amenities for a modern living. The construction by MAK is durable, reliable and long lasting as we use the best material for the building. If you have a house to construct or want to build a new floor in your plaza or any other project then you can blindly trust us in terms of timeline, material, professionalism and commitment.

Real Estate

Buying a house in the best society or town is the greatest dilemma for investors and buyers, there are lots of hurdles in the way including legal and other formalities which make it really difficult for the buyer to buy even a single room. We have make sure that the process is speedy and smooth and there are no hidden charges in any contract so that clients can trust us for their investments, buying and selling and any other matter related to real estate.

Services Provision

A far away village in rural area or a town which has no modern facilities, any place which has lack of facilities like electricity, clean water, roads etc. can hire the services of MAK Associates for the development and provision of services. We facilities clients and work for the provision of basic utilities for their village, town, city. We have a vast experience in dealing with Government institutions and how to get things done in a timely manner.


Before buying or constructing any real estate amenity the buyers need a serious experienced advise which would land their investment on the place of high return. If you have plan to buy a second home in a new city, or you are looking for a rental place or may be want to build a new high rise building, you can always hire our professional consultation services. We will guide you and present you with the best available opportunities.

Sale and Rent

When it comes to buy or sell a real estate facility we can guide you and facilitate with the buying and selling which will include the help in legal matters, transfers and we will also guide the buyer about the current market situation and forecast the upcoming situation for the investors, buyers and sellers. As the mediator we will make sure the win win situation.